Hello this page will be used as a demo page for my xinha plug-in experiments.

- Xinha is now resizeable (beta)! Use these possible options in your config file:

xinha_config.resizing_min_width = ; (A Number eg 200)
xinha_config.resizing_min_height = ; (A Number eg 200)
xinha_config.resizing_max_width = ; (A Number eg 200)
xinha_config.resizing_max_height = ; (A Number eg 200)
xinha_config.resizing = ; (true (default) or false)
xinha_config.resize_horizontal = ; (true (default) or false)

I may make the option enabling a cookie to remember a users setting soon.

This works (as far as my brief testing goes) in IE 6/7 FF and Safari. If you want this before release (if that happens at all) download the appropriate files here - be warned this is still beta and the files are not currently compressed.

- Finished on the 'Media' (beta) plugin, with additional functionality from DoubleClick and ContextMenu. You can download these (.zip - 282kb) here.
The FLV media player used is Jeroen Wijering's JW FLV MEDIA PLAYER 3.15 - to use this commercially you must obtain a license from http://www.jeroenwijering.com/.

Done (recently):

For any further suggestions/bugs please notify me here.